What’s Happening Now

Updated April 27th, 2018

Town Invites You to an Open House: Help us Plan for Our Community! 

Please join our Town Council and members of our staff/consulting teams to learn more about the current activities of the Town.

The Town invites you to join us for an Open House on April 28th 9:00 am to 4:00 pm; during Rendezvous Days.

While there please look around the Town Hall, review current and accurate information about Town activities, enjoy some refreshments, and take advantage of the public restrooms.   The Eureka Chamber of Commerce will also have their Visitor Information Center open.

The  Town will have a brief survey asking your input on what you see are needs in our community.   This is in an effort to gather public engagement as we move into Capital Improvement Planning and exploring a Growth Policy Plan for the community.


If you cannot join the open house, or if you missed us, please take the survey online!


Creating a Resort Tax Study Committee? 

The Town of Eureka voted on April 9th, 2018 to move forward with the development of a study committee to research the pros and cons of a Resort Tax and if it would be a viable option for Eureka.

The Town has been approached by a number of community residents and businesses asking to explore the local option of a resort tax.   As such, the Town understands that this is a complex issue and that there is much to learn.  The Town hopes to create a committee of the CITIZENS to study the option and make a recommendation to the community to move or not to move forward with a local resort tax option.

At this time, to learn more about the resort tax please look at these websites:



The Institute of Tourism and Recreation Research published “An Assessment of the Resort Tax_ Collections and Usage in Montana” in 2016.  This too is a great source of information on what other communities have done.

Again, the Town wants to stress that the first step is forming this CITIZEN based committee.  There is no proposed Resort Tax at this time.

Update on Midvale Wastewater Connection-Phase 1B

  • The Town has received a Treasure State Endowment grant of $550,000.
  • The Town has received an award of $450,000 from the Montana Community Development Block Grant.  The funds will be split with $245,000 going towards construction and $205,000 for low to moderate income residents that need help with connection to the system.   Stay tuned as we will announce the application process for residents to receive those funds.
  • The Town is confirming a loan through the State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) of $537,000 with a portion of it being considered for a loan forgiveness program (grant fund).

The following are questions/comments the Town has received to date in regard to the Midvale Wastewater Phase 1B project with answers/comments in response.

Question/Comment:  “I am very afraid it will not be done right”- Concern was addressed with leakage into basements and high water table on 2nd Avenue East.

The Town is in the process of procuring a Town Engineer that will oversee the project.   At any point, anyone with concerns can call the Town Hall (297-2123) and set up a visit with the Public Works and/or Mayor.   The current preliminary engineer is available at the Town Hall, and if funding is received, the Town will provide the plans and specifications of the design at the Town Hall for anyone to review.  If the Town obtains the funding and moves forward, we look forward to working with the residents in Midvale to ensure that the project is done respectfully and according to all regulations. 

Question/Comment: “It is Just responsible growth for our area. Is the rate going to be the same as residential for my business?”

At this time, the Town’s rate structure is set up based on the size of the line.   Here is the rate resolution that was passed May 11th, 2017.   The majority of the lines in our community (residential and business) are 3/4 inch and is currently set at $47.52 for 5,000 gallons plus $3.82 per 1,000 gallons in excess of 5,000.   

If you should have a question about how your rates may change or what rates may be after you connect please call the Town Hall and they will get you in touch with Public Works and/or one of the consultants on the project. 

Question/Comment:  “so many septic tanks in this area are bound to cause problems”.

The Town is being proactive in their attempts to take care of this situation prior to it becoming a serious risk to groundwater and the health/safety of our residents. 

Question/Comment:  “I own several rental properties in Midvale and would welcome the chance to hook-up”.

Question/Comment:  “The City water and sewer is always so bad. will that be the case in Midvale?  Is the 47.52 in addition to what we already pay in water? Yikes, too expensive to hook in, we are $23,000 yearly income poverty.

The Town has the same concern about related costs and is doing everything they can to ensure that the monthly rates remain as low as possible. This is why the Town has invested so much time in obtaining and leveraging grant and loans with lower interest. 

It should be noted, that though the Town provides water to the Midvale Water District, the Town does not currently set the water rates in the Midvale area. The Town is working with the attorneys and the State Revolving Loan Fund to try and “purchase” the Midvale Water District.  The Town’s goal is to help Midvale users to lower their rates and get the Midvale water rates down to a more comparable rate as the rest of the Eureka Water users are at.

The issue remains that the Midvale Water District has separate outstanding loans that are in need of repayment. This is a discussion held almost every month at our Council meetings and if there is ever a concern with rates and quality of the Town’s systems please do visit with us. Our meetings are the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm unless it falls on a recognized holiday. 

Question/Comment:  “Lower Midvale Down by Highschool area is maybe needed but North of 14th Street is not. People cannot afford this money; there are a lot of older people that have no money”.

Again, the Town does recognize the concern on rates.  The Midvale area has a mixed need with septic ranging in age of the private septic tank and drain-fields.   The Town is giving residents 3 years after construction before connecting.  If, the Town is successful and moves into the construction of the Phase 1B project and you feel that you have a strong septic with limited chances of failure please set up an appointment with the Town Mayor/Engineer to review your case.  You can bring a request for a variance to the Town though there is NO promises that your request for a variance will be approved. 

Question/Comment: “I do not support this at all. Since we went to city limits we don’t get a damn thing done in Midvale now what makes them think they will take care of this. I have yet to see any officer patrol our streets”.

This comment was directed to the Mayor to discuss with Public Works and the Town Police.  If you feel that your services from the Town are not being met, please contact the Town directly at 406-297-2123 and request to be on the agenda.   Or come to the next Council meeting and address the Council during the Public Comment period. 

Question/Comment: “I’m on a septic system, I don’t need it”.

The Town understands that many residents in Midvale feel they do not need this service.  We urge those residents to contact the County Environmental Health office to understand the process if there was an issue with your septic and/or drain-field and if you would be able to replace a failing septic, or what your options would be.  On October 10th, 2017 the Town sent a letter out to all residents outlining the concern of the septics in the area.   The County Environmental Health office number is 406-283-2442.