Capital Improvement and Growth Policy Planning 2019-2020

Growth Policy Steering Committee is Meeting:

The Town of Eureka is excited to have the following members of the Community as part of the Growth Policy Steering Committee.   These individuals are donating their time to help plan for the future of our community.

  • LeeAnn Schermerhorn, Mayor
  • BreeAnn Reyes
  • Gretchen Lancaster
  • Robin Haidle
  • Daniel Sutley
  • Kirsten Holland
  • Krysten Fitzsimmons
  • Mike Volesky
  • Naomi Resch
  • Tracey Thomas
  • John Labonty
  • Andi Monroe

This committee will begin within the month of June 2019 and future announcements of community meetings will be posted on here and on the Town of Eureka’s website.

Next Meetings:

August 5th, 3 pm at EurekaTown Hall

September 3rd, 4 pm at  EurekaTown Hall

October 7th, 3 pm at Eureka Town Hall (tentative)

All meetings are open to the public to attend and public comments will be accepted at specific points in the meetings.

Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting:

July 2019_Minutes Growth Policy Steering Committee

August 2019 Minutes Growth Policy Steering Committee

Sept 2019 Minutes Growth Policy Steering Committee

October 1, 2019, Minutes Growth Policy Steering Committee

November 2019 Minutes Growth Policy Steering meeting