Council Minutes- April 2017

Eureka Town Council Meeting

Eureka Town Hall — Eureka, Montana

Monday, April 10, 2017

Present AND Constituting a Quorum:

Mayor                                      LeeAnn Schermerhorn

Council Members                     Jennifer Hannay, Rosalie Adauto, Bill Savage, Kevin Jefferies

Clerk                                         Lisa Flynn


Visitors:           Nikki Meyer, Tracy McIntyre, Rita Collins, Gretchen Lancaster, Michael Lancaster, Myles Hickman, Naomi Wheat, Alan Hepner, Alan Hepner Jr.

Mayor Schermerhorn called the council meeting to order at 7:00 pm

PUBLIC COMMENT on agenda items.   None

Jennifer Hannay made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Rosalie Adauto, carried all ayes.  Kevin Jefferies made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Jennifer Hannay, carried all ayes.

Reports.  There were no questions on the reports.


Water Filtration Project.   Tracy McIntyre said she is working through the final administration for the project.  SRF has been increased to cover contingencies.  Lyle Cooney at Rural Development has made additional information requests.  She will have the packet of additional information to Rural Development tomorrow.  The council will need to approve a bond resolution in late April at a special meeting.  The requirement for project contractor approval is good.  The first invoice from Dick Dyer may arrive between council meetings.  Bill Savage made a motion to allow Mayor Schermerhorn to approve the first invoice from Dick Dyer, seconded by Jennifer Hannay, carried all ayes.

Wastewater Project.   Tracy McIntyre said the TSEP application is looking positive.  The DNRC application does not look positive.  Lyle Cooney at Rural Development want’s more information regarding EDU’s which will result in about twenty hours of additional work.  Ms. McIntyre distributed a handout comparing funding from RD and SRF.  If we decided to use SRF funding, there would be a loss of Grant funds.

Lions Club – Memorial Park play equipment.   Mayor Schermerhorn said the agreement Clif Hayden prepared was restrictive due to insurance company requirements.  Myles Hickman pointed out parts of the agreement they would not be able to meet, such as hiring a landscape architect.  Mayor Schermerhorn said she would work with Mr. Hayden and see if any issues can be resolved.

MOU with Forest Service & Lincoln County sewer extension.  Mayor Schermerhorn said this is currently on hold since the Forest Service has not gotten any information to Tracy McIntyre.

Riverside Park bandstand.  Rita Collins said that Alan Hepner will be undertaking the bandstand project as his Eagle Scout project.  The Boy Scouts will provide insurance for the project.  Alan Hepner told the council he plans to fundraise $5,000 for the project and the Sunburst Foundation will contribute $2,500.  He plans to have the project completed by August 15th.  Rosalie Adauto made a motion to approve the Riverside Park bandstand project, seconded by Jennifer Hannay, carried all ayes.


Quilt Show.  Jennifer Hannay mad a motion to approve the 2017 Eureka Montana Quilt Show on Saturday, August 5th contingent on the Department of Transportation approval of the restricted parking areas, seconded by Rosalie Adauto, carried all ayes.

Rendezvous Bed Races.  Naomi Wheat said the Chamber of Commerce has obtained approval from the Department of Transportation for the event.  They will have many more volunteers for crowd control and many more tires this year.  Bill Savage made a motion to approve the Rendezvous Bed Races event, seconded by Kevin Jefferies, carried all ayes.

 Rendezvous banner.  Naomi Wheat would like to put a banner for Rendezvous in front of Riverside Park.  Rosalie Adauto made a motion to approve the Rendezvous banner, seconded by Kevin Jefferies, carried all ayes.

 Creekside sewer hookup agreement.  Michael Landcaster said that there were three items in the agreement that they have a problem with.  There is no cap on attorney or engineer fees and no estimate.  They feel that they cannot write a blank check.  They want to know the scope of work so they can have a fixed budget.  The connection size stated in the agreement is 2 inch and they have a 1 ½ inch.  They are hooking up to sewer only.  They will have a meter on their water so they would either like to be billed at 70% of water used year round or using the winter average in the summer like the town customers.  Mayor Schermerhorn said she will contact  Clif Hayden, the Town attorney, and Dick Dyer, the Town engineer, and get costs to date and what they expect to be outstanding.  Bill Savage made a motion to approve the Creekside sewer connection agreement contingent on Mayor Schermerhorn working with Clif Hayden and Dick Dyer to resolve any issues, seconded by Kevin Jefferies, carried all ayes.

 Midvale stop sign placement.  Mayor Schermerhorn said that Randy Miller has started to install the posts for the stop signs in Midvale.  She said she has received comments regarding the location of the posts.  Jennifer Hannay said there is an intersection that she has noticed may be a problem.  Mayor Schermerhorn said that any complaints or comments regarding the stop sign locations need to be addressed, in writing, to Police Chief Ian Jeffcock.

 Lincoln County Subdivision request.  Mayor Schermerhorn said the representative from the county regarding the subdivision is not present.

COUNCIL AND MAYOR COMMENTS.   After discussion, the Mayor and council decided to change the date of the work session scheduled for April 18th to June 6, 2017 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

PUBLIC COMMENT on non-agenda items.   None

With nothing further to come before the council, Mayor Schermerhorn adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.






Lisa Flynn, Clerk/Treasurer