Council Minutes: January 2017

Eureka Town Council Meeting

Eureka Town Hall — Eureka, Montana

Monday, January 9, 2017


Present AND Constituting a Quorum:

Mayor                                      LeeAnn Schermerhorn

Council Members                         Jennifer Hannay, Rosalie Adauto, Bill Savage

Clerk                                         Lisa Flynn

Town attorney                      Clif Hayden by video access


Visitors:           Nikki Meyer, Naomi Wheat, Diane Savage, Renee Tost, LouAnn Gay, Clint Heintz, Ian Jeffcock, Ben Chappelow, Jon Obst

Mayor Schermerhorn called the council meeting to order at 7:10 pm

PUBLIC COMMENT on agenda items.   None

Bill Savage made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Rosalie Adauto, carried all ayes.  Rosalie Adauto made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Bill Savage, carried all ayes.

Reports.  There were no questions on the reports.


Water Filtration Project.   Mayor Schermerhorn said the town engineer, Dick Dyer, has received 15 more questions from DEQ regarding the filtration project. DEQ has approved 2 deviations that were submitted.  We are looking to go out to bid in February.

 Wastewater Project.  Mayor Schermerhorn said that we are still working on securing funding.  She may be going to Helena next week with Tracy McIntyre to testify before the legislators regarding funding for projects.

Midvale stop signs.  Mayor Schermerhorn said the town has received the stop signs.  Clif Hayden, the town attorney, will be updating the ordinance.

Update on sale of property.  Mayor Schermerhorn said that Sandy McIntyre has contacted three real estate agents regarding the cost of a fair market appraisal and has been told it would cost the town $3,000.  Due to cost, the appraisal has been put on hold.

Lions Club – Memorial Park play equipment.  The MOU between the Lions Club and the Town of Eureka has not been completed.


Little Free Libraries – Friends of the Library.  LouAnn Gay said they are proposing that two Little Free Libraries be put in Memorial and Riverside Parks.  The purpose of the libraries is to promote reading and sharing books.  There are people that have offered to donate the materials and build the libraries.  There would be no cost to the town.  Friends of the Library would be responsible for checking on them.  Bill Savage made a motion to approve Little Free Libraries to be installed at Memorial and Riverside Parks, seconded by Jennifer Hannay, carried all ayes.

Turkey population – Ben Chappelow.  Ben Chappelow said he has received complaints regarding the number of turkeys in town.  He said the town could enact an ordinance to prohibit feeding turkeys in town.  Renee Tost detailed the problems she was having with turkeys. Mr. Chappelow has dealt with problem turkeys on ranches by issuing a kill permit through a program, but that would be a problem in town limits.  In Libby they did bait them into a trailer, but that usually only works once.  It would be possible to issue the kill permit to the town, but when you have a kill permit, every turkey has to be accounted for.  There was discussion regarding the turkey problem and ways that it could be handled.  Some of the methods discussed would need state approval.  Mr. Chappelow said he would work with Ms. Tost to trap turkeys and would handle their disposal.  Mr. Hayden asked Mr. Chappelow to send him the regulations for the program and see if he could make it work with town ordinances.

Town Hall damage update.  Mayor Schermerhorn said that the insurance adjuster from MMIA was here last Friday.  The contractor will be shoring up the front and will provide a bid for repairs.

COUNCIL AND MAYOR COMMENTS.   Jennifer Hannay said we need to be thinking about snow removal.  Mayor Schermerhorn said we have received subcontractor information so that if needed, we have sources with the necessary equipment.

PUBIC COMMENT on non-agenda items.   None.

With nothing further to come before the council, Mayor Schermerhorn adjourned the meeting at 8:00 p.m.





Lisa Flynn, Clerk/Treasurer